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This video looks at what the Bible says about Christmas. Many people observe Christmas with religious ceremonies and even special events. They do it with the intent of celebrating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. All who truly seek to honor God will look into His word to see what it says about their beliefs and practices, including Christmas.
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This study considers what to look for in a church. Is one church as good as another or are there certain qualities and characteristics - beliefs and practices - that a church should have before we associate with it? Our study will examine God’s word to guide us in looking for a church.
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This video is a study on the work of the church as God gave it in the Bible. It is rare to find a church that sticks strictly to the word. Most churches practice what they feel is right, often jumping on the latest trend that is getting all the attention. They are going for the “wow” factor. This stands in contrast to what we read in the Bible about the work of the church.


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we will look at Essentials to becoming a Christian. Many have a misconception about what is required. Just like there are steps to take to become a US citizen or join the military, there are conditions God has given to become a Christian. We will examine the Bible to see what they are.
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In this video our study looks at a fundamental Bible principle that it is better to obey than offer sacrifice. We begin with an examination of one of king Saul’s failures and then go on to make application to the issue of musical worship - is it sinful to use instruments of music in worship?
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This lesson is on the home and family. The family is under attack by Satan because he knows God established it for the good of mankind. We need to look to the Bible to see what God says about the family and resist the pressure and influence of our increasingly corrupt culture.


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Our focus is on Christ’s commitment to us. He loves men and wants us all to be saved. This lesson looks at what He did so we might have a home in heaven and encourages us to be committed to Him.
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What does the Bible say about gambling? Some would have you think it is a non-issue, with even some religious groups not only approving of gambling, but actively using it to raise money. Our study will see what the word of God teaches on the issue.
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We look at the most fundamental issue regarding our souls - the plan of salvation. What does the Bible teach regarding God’s plan? Is it up to us or did He reveal specific conditions to which we must submit in order to be forgiven of our sins? Study with us to see what the Bible says.


In this episode: pt. 1
Asa, King of Judah
In this video we study a lesson about an Old Testament character, a king of Judah, who started his reign as a faithful servant of God. He did many good things early on, but in the end he faltered. His life serves as both a positive example of commitment to God and a warning about how even the most diligent servant can fall away.
In this episode: pt. 2
One | Lesson on Objective Truth 
In this video we examine a lesson about one of the fundamental foundations of Christian unity. That foundation is objective truth. Our focus will be on Ephesians 4:4-6 where we read about the seven great “ones.” These are objective facts about the gospel and salvation. All who wish to be unified with God and His people must accept and uphold these seven objective points of truth


In this episode: pt. 1
Jesus Is Able 
This study focuses on having confidence in the Lord. We can rely on Him and safely trust our souls to His care because He is able to keep what Christians commit to Him.
In this episode: pt. 2
Church of God VS. Church of Christ
In this lesson we answer a question from one of our viewers who asks, “Is the church of God like the church of Christ?” We will answer the question first by looking at those terms in the New Testament and then noticing modern-day application.
In this episode: pt. 3
The Nature, Indwelling, and Work of the Holy Spirit.
There is a lot of confusion on this issue because of a wide range of teachings of men. Thankfully, the Bible provides clarity.


In this episode:
7 Keys to Revelation
Bible Authority: Inspiration of the Word
Good Choices
Elisha’s Deliverance 


In this episode: pt. 1
Current events in the news with commentary on what the Bible says about these issues.
- Transgender bishop of the ELCA
- Unmarried women having children
- Alaska Airlines and Tripwire oppress religious beliefs
In this episode: pt. 2
What does the Bible say about the Lord's Supper and how it should be observed?
In this episode: pt. 3
The gospel seed produces Christians and churches that belong to Christ. It takes a different seed, the teachings of men, to produce denominations and members of those man-made organizations.


In this episode:
Bad Choices
John 2
Trials In The Life of Noah
7 Keys To The Book of Revelation


In this episode:
7 Keys to Revelation
Bible Authority: Inspiration of the Word
Good Choices
Elisha’s Deliverance 


In this episode:
Authority: Baptism
Not Extinct
Rock-Solid Faith: Inspiration of the Bible


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In the news
Rock-Solid Faith: Creation Compromises
Fire From Heaven


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In the news
The Baptist Church
Rock-Solid Faith: Science Supports Creation


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Shame Month
Beliefs Have Consequences
The Power of Faith


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Revelation Class info.
The Poison of Fear 
Authority & Instrumental Music In Worship 


In this episode:
What The Bible Says About You
God with Us
Seek The Old Paths
Be Holy 


In this episode:
- Authority: Church Finances 
- The Poison of Fear 
- But If Not 


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- Plan of Salvation
- Authority: Social Gospel
- My Name Is Legion 01:36:28


In this episode:
Bible Authority (3): How To Establish 
Denominationalism: Premillennialism


In this episode 
Authority (2): Generic and Specific 
The Manifold Wisdom of God 
Denominationalism (2): Premillennialism 


In this episode we begin two studies: -
Authority: From Heaven or Men  
Denominationalism (part 1) 


This episode wraps up our series on The Sacrifice of the Son as we examine the resurrection and appearances of Jesus.


Decline of a nation.


- Sacrifice of the Son 00:03:00
- How To Study The Bible: Rightly Divide The Word 00:39:57
- Legend of Faith: Abel 01:34:40


- How To Study The Bible: Will To Do His Will 00:03:15
- Sacrifice of the Son: Crucifixion (part 1) 00:20:08
- 1 Peter 3:13-22 01:14:00

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