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  • 2. The Reliability of The Bible (material from various sites etc.)-
  • 3. Does history & Archeology support the accuracy & trustworthiness of the scriptures? / Introduction To The Bible
  • 4. Back To The Bible / Study of the Bible
  • 5. Scientific Foreknowledge / God’s Word, Protected Preserved & Translated
  • 9. Baptism in Water & Lessons From The Healing of Naaman The Leper
  • 17. Home Bible Study Pt. 6, Church Attendance & Correspondence Course 6 Confession
  • 23.  Are There Missing Gospels? & This Saying is True, Answering Muslims with Meekness

24-  DECEMBER 18, 2018
This presentation is on “The church of Christ, is it Biblical?”.
Your Host is Stan Adams
Presentations A Biblical Understanding of The Church Jesus Built & 
A Church That Belongs To Jesus Submits To Him
Audio – WMA 


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