The Bible speaks of the “antiChrist.” For instance, John writes about the antiChrist in 1 John 2:22. Just saying the words, “antiChrist” gets some people anxious and troubled.

There are a number of misconceptions about the antiChrist. This is due in part to a lack of Bible knowledge. It is also due to preachers hyping unscriptural theories about the “end times.” They do this because it gets people worked up and anxious; it makes fear the driver which results in people being vulnerable and more easily manipulated.

There is no need for the fear or anxiety surrounding the subject of the antiChrist. The subject is fairly straightforward in the Bible and no more difficult or concerning than other, similar subjects.

Let us look at what the anti-Christ is reported to be by many so-called pastors.

The antiChrist is often portrayed as a single individual with some kind of incredible power or influence in this world. This person may even be presented as having supernatural powers.

Often the antiChrist is associated with that dreaded number, 666, and the mark of the beast.

I remember when Gorbechev was president of the Soviet Union. He had a birthmark on this head that some swore was the mark of the beast. They believed he was the anti-Christ. Others, around that same time period, believed the President of the United States was the anti-Christ because his name was Ronald Wilson Reagan – each of his names was six letters long. Thus, 666. You see?

Saddam Hussien, Vladimir Putin, and many other world leaders have since been identified as the antiChrist and a “sure” indicator that we are in the “End Times.”

Again, we want to reiterate, this is a reflection of gross mishandling of the word of God or just simple ignorance.

What or Who Is The Antichrist In The Bible?

To answer this question, let us read 1 John 2:18-22.

Let us also read 2 John 7.

Note these things.

  1. The antichrist were said to “have come” back in John’s time, the first century (1 Jn. 2:18). They already were in the world.
  2. These antichrists went out from among the Christians (1 Jn. 2:19)
  3. They were deceivers (2 Jn. 7)

In dealing with Gnostics, those who denied Jesus came in the flesh, John says they are “antichrists.” They were present and active in his day.

In other words, the bottom line is that anyone who opposes the truth revealed in or by Christ is an antichrist. Literally, against Christ.

That’s it.

No big mystery or reason to be anxious. The antichrist is not an individual person or one with supernatural, demonic abilities, but is simply anyone who opposes the Lord and His

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