Steven Deaton - July 30, 2023

Be Strong and Courageous

Joshua means “Jehovah is salvation” and is a fitting name for the man whose life’s work it was to lead Israel into the Promised Land. Joshua’s name reminded him and the whole nation that conquering Canaan would not be through their might or means, not with armor or weapons, not through sheer numbers overwhelming the enemy, and not by their own will-power. Rather, conquest was through Jehovah, the Lord of all the earth and benefactor of Israel. It would be by His plan and through His power that Israel would settle in the Land of Milk and Honey. Joshua 1 sets the stage for the pending invasion as God admonished and encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous. This account has many good lessons for us as well, in our quest for the heavenly Canaan Land.

Scripture References: Joshua 1:1-18

From Series: "Sunday Sermons"

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