Steven Deaton - August 6, 2023


Israel refused to enter Canaan land 40 years before the eventual invasion. They initially refused to go in because they feared the people and were intimidated by the fortified cities (Numbers 13:28, 29). Their lack of faith doomed a generation to wandering and eventual death in the desert. Their children, however, learned the lesson and became a generation of faith. After being encouraged by the Lord and the people, Joshua began the process to invade and conquer the Promised Land (Joshua 2-5). In Joshua 6 we see the opening of a long campaign to take the land — a campaign that was partly military, but mainly religious. It was a religious campaign as it was part of God’s plan of salvation; a fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham. In this chapter we see Israel easily take the city of Jericho; a display of God’s power and manifestation of His grace.

Scripture References: Joshua 6:1-27

From Series: "Sunday Sermons"

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